Phase 5 Hoosier Howl at the Moon – MDGA/TMGR Experimental Goat Show


Combined Junior/Senior Doe & Combined Junior/Senior Buck

Entries and payment must be completed ONLINE at

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hendricks County Fairgrounds   
1900 E Main St Danville, IN 46122

Judge: Juli Huffman

Check-in: Goats must be checked in by 10am the day of show.

Combined JR/SR Doe Breeds Sanctioned: Mini-Nubian, All Other Miniatures

Buck Breeds Sanctioned: All Other Miniatures

  1. The Miniature Dairy Goat Show is dual sanctioned by The Miniature Dairy Goat Association and The Miniature Goat Registry. The Miniature Dairy Goat Association rules will govern the Miniature Dairy Goat Show.
  2. The show will begin immediately following the completion of Ring A of the concurrent ADGA show on Sunday, November 1stnot before 1pm. The show will begin with Combined JR/SR Does. The Buck show will immediately follow Does.
  3. The show order is Does: Mini-Nubian, AOM     Bucks: AOM
  4. Base date for figuring age of animals is Nov 1, 2020.
  5. The original registration certificate is required for all animals over 6 months of age. A stamped duplicate or original registration certificate is acceptable for goats under 6 months of age, good for only 30 days past issue. These certificates MUST be shown to the show committee prior to show.
  6. There is no pre-show milk out. However, an over-distended udder is a very serious fault. Animals should be shown with the appropriate amount of milk in their udder.
  7. Best of Breed winners must stay until after the selection of Best in Show.
  8. Exhibitors are asked to dress appropriately in white.
  9. Health papers are not required at our facility but may be required to cross state lines. Animals showing signs of illness or disease must be removed from the fairgrounds. The Show Committee’s decisions will be final.
  10. Show schedule and show order are subject to change.
  11. Show committee has the right to change or add to the show rules as needed.

Safety: Dogs must always be on a leash and are not allowed in barns or show arena. No smoking within 20 feet of the barns or show arena. No unethical treatment of animals will be allowed.

Exhibitors and their families are responsible for safety and care of their goats, and release MDGA, TMGR, Phase5 and any committee members from any and all responsibility for loss or damages or accidents.

Phase5 reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor entry and to ask any person whose behavior is deemed detrimental to leave immediately.

Exhibitors may show from Trailers.