Phase 5 Hoosier Myotonic Goat

Show 1 @ 10am (7/3/2021) & Show 2 – immediately following Show 1 (7/3/2021)

Hendricks County Fairgrounds

1900 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122

Entries and payment must be completed ONLINE at Early rate by 6:00pm Thursday, July 1, 2021. Entry is $10.00 per class/show.  Fees double for entries accepted after 6pm on July 1st. No Refunds unless the show is cancelled.

MGR rules shall govern and take precedence over all others.

Goats will be checked in from 7am to 9am on Saturday, July 3rd. Goats may arrive after 6pm Friday, 7/2/21.


SHOW 1: Josh Lichlyter (MGR)

SHOW 2: Wade Buntin (MGR)


  1. Goats must be registered by the Myotonic Goat Registry. The ORIGINAL registration certificate MUST accompany the goat during check-in. Kids under three (3) months of age must be registered for any sanctioned classes. No pending registrations will be accepted at check-in.
  2. Age eligibility for classes will be determined by date of birth on the registration certificate. Base date for figuring age of animal is July 3, 2021.
  3. The full correct registered name of goat must be used on the entry forms.
  4. The goats permanent ID (USDA scrapie tag, tattoo, or microchip) must be on the Health Certificate and registration from the MGR.
  5. The correct Breeder/Exhibitor name as on the Reg. Certificate must be on the entry, unless you have a signed transfer application that is dated 45 days or less from the show date.
  6. Substitutions will be allowed at Check-in within the same class at no charge.
  7. Show 1 will start promptly at 10:00am. Show 2 will begin immediately following Show 1.
  8. Goats must be checked in from 7 am to 9 am. Contact Show Secretary if you need another check in time.
  9. Goats will be released immediately after the show.
  10. Health certificates are required for goats entering Indiana from outside the state. Scrapie rules apply.
  11. All goats must be shown with collar. Bucks must be secure at all times.
  12. Show secretary reserves the right to split large classes.
  13. Entry fee: $10.00 per goat/ per show including kids in sanctioned classes.
  14. Online entries must be received by 6pm July 1, 2021 at
  15. MGR rules shall govern and take precedence over all others.
  16. No refunds of entry fees under any circumstances
  17. This is a ribbon and points show. Any available awards will be announced at the show.
  18. Goats may be sold by private treaty. Any goats sold must be entered in the show.
  19. Any item that comes up that is not specifically covered by these rules will be decided by the Phase 5 show committee and their decision will be final.
  20. All goats entering (IN) for exhibition must meet all the requirements for entry into (IN). Health papers are not required at our facility but may be required to cross state lines. Goats showing evidence of disease, particularly foot rot, sore mouth, abscesses will not be allowed to enter the barn or show and may be released by officials.
  21. The organizers of this show and the facility will not be liable for any loss, damages or accidents to animals, persons or property while at the show grounds. Youth exhibitors are to be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  22. No smoking in the barns or arena allowed.
  23. Good Sportsmanship is expected at all times.
  24. Pens are $5 each. Exhibitors may show from trailers.

Safety: Dogs must always be on a leash and are not allowed in barns or show arena. No smoking within 20 feet of the barns or show arena. No unethical treatment of animals will be allowed.

Exhibitors and their families are responsible for safety and care of their goats, and release MGR, Phase5 and any committee members from any and all responsibility for loss or damages or accidents.

Phase5 reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor entry and to ask any person whose behavior is deemed detrimental to leave immediately.

Exhibitors may show from Trailers.